Nibirus Full Deck is currently accepting Pokémon Bulk! Whether you are looking to sell or trade your bulk, please fill out the form below to start the process! Bulk Pokémon cards MUST BE, English, in Near Mint or better shape, Authentic (we do NOT except World Championship style Cards or basic Energy) Bulk can be from any set as long as it follows the previous requirements. If your bulk submission DOES NOT meet our requirements, they will be donated or disposed of at no cost to you. If you choose to have them mailed back, you are responsible for covering the complete cost of shipping paid by you.

All bulk must be sorted by rarity or it will be assumed to be counted only as c/uc. The best way to ship your bulk is wrapping them in bundles of 100 using either paper or cling wrap. We recommend using the flat rate boxes for shipping from USPS. This should be the cheapest and easiest way to ship your bulk. We also recommend you don’t send bulk wrapped with rubber bands or with the sticky clingwrap as this can damage your bulk. Make sure you fill all the dead space in your box with packing so the cards can not shift or move in the box. Lastly tape the outside of the boxes extremely good before shipping out!

Please make sure the name you use match the return address on your shipment.
There is no need to wait for confirmation from us, before sending!

Our normal turnaround time is 3-5 business days after arrival. This time may vary, based on the volume of bulk arriving during the same time period.

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Are you looking at selling or trading bulk?
Store Credit - Gift Card
Battle Styles - 3,000 C/UC per Box
Evolving Skies Pre-Order - 3,500 C/UC per Box not Shipped until After August 23rd
How Many Common/Uncommon are you sending? - $ 0.03 each
How Many Reverse Holo Common/Uncommon are you sending? - $0.05 each
How Many Rares are you sending? - $0.07 each
How many Reverse Holo Rares are you sending? - $0.08 each
How many Holo Rares are you sending? - $0.11 each
How any EXs are you sending? - $0.50 each
How any GXs and/or V's (includes VMAX & Full arts) are you sending? - $1.25 Each
NOTICE -(MUST BE PRINTED OUT AND SUBMITED TO When we do pay outs we compare the online form filled out and our actual counts which is double checked by the employees. When this is done we payout by the lowest number of the 2. This being said if the numbers change from the time you fill out the form to the time you ship please either resubmit a new form or let us know. Also for the ease of payments we do round to the nearest dollar. If you ever have questions about the counts feel free to ask and we will provide you with any of this information you would like.
Nibirus Full Deck
Shipping Information
Please include your Instagram name or email address in your shipping box so we can contact you upon arrival.

Ship your bulk to:

Nibirus Full Deck
929 Victory Ave.
Brooklyn, MD 21225